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There is no such thing as Practice Makes Perfect

Jan 2015

First Published: Thursday 15-Jan-2015 9:28 AM, Edited: Monday 26-Jan-2015 11:58 PM
Author: Gary Black

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Practice makes Perfect

There is no such thing as practice makes perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect

There is an old saying, I'm sure that you've heard it - "Practice makes Perfect". If you don't think too much about it, it's a good way to encourage kids to keep doing something over and over.
You can apply it to doing maths problems, learning to walk, learning gymnastics skills, anything in life really.

Practice does not make Perfect

There comes a point where practice alone does not make perfect.
Think about learning to play a piano. You practice and practice, and get better and better at finding the notes, moving your hands, and eventually you are playing like a professional. But, what if you had a wrong note in the piece you were practicing? By now, after all that practice that wrong note sounds right to you! So is it perfect?
Your swinging on a bar, the more you practice the higher you can swing. But the whole time you are swinging with your legs apart and don't realize it.

Learning Skills - Beginning, Consolidating, Established

When we are learning a new skill we go through several stages:
Beginning - You're introduced to it for the first time, may need a lot of help or guidance, easy to correct mistakes.
Consolidating - You can do it by yourself, but still make some errors that are fairly easy to fix.
Established - You can do it yourself automatically without thinking about it. 
The last stage is the most difficult one to work with. Once a skill is automatic, it takes a lot of work to try and break it back down and relearn it.

So what do we do?

Let the kids know that it's not just good enough to go and do it, they need to do it properly.
You also need to observe them to make sure they are doing it properly, and give them corrective feedback if they need it. 

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