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Jan 2015

First Published: Saturday 17-Jan-2015 3:57 PM, Edited: Thursday 23-Jul-2015 11:47 PM
Author: Gary Black

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What is Gymnastics?

Gymnastics Picture

Most of us have been trained to think of gymnastics as some scary sport where people do amazing crazy looking skills, and try to land on their feet. That's a small part of it, but gymnastics is so much more.

Gymnastics is simply about controlling your own body.

By definition, gymnastics is something that we have all been doing since the day we were born. A skill as simple as walking could be defined as gymnastics as it involves balance (so you don't fall on your face), and strength (so your legs don't buckle). Watch a young child developing the skill of walking for the first time, they are learning gymnastics!

What we may do in sessions

Sessions are designed to be fun, active and safe. Students will participate in activities that are desigend for their ability level. Activities designed to foster the development of safe landings, body awareness, spatial awareness, strength, balance, flexibility and agility.

Activities may include basic rolls (egg rolls, log rolls, forward rolls, etc...), cartwheels, swinging, balancing, jumping (both on the floor and on a mini-trampoline), and various strength activities.

At the higher grade levels, students are working on connecting basic skills together to make sequences; and working together with partners or as part of a small team.

Lessons are based on the Australian Curriculum (or in Victoria AusVELS).

Rules / Guidelines

Shoes and socks off (unless we are outdoors) - Students will be required to remove their shoes and socks just prior to the start of the session. During sessions students will be performing a variety of activities that require them to have their hands, their feet, or both on the ground. Shoes are removed at the start of the sessions for the safety of the other students in the session. Having your hand stepped on by a shoe hurts! Socks are removed as they slip on the mats (please do not wear stockings instead as these will have to come off to ensure your safety). 

No Jewellery / Watches / Badges - Necklaces can get tangled in equipment, watches often get caught and break their strap, etc... House Captain / School Captain / Happy Birthday / ANZAC / etc.. Badges that are pinned to clothing must be removed. As we are all barefoot, if these fall off during the session, they are likely to become stuck in someone's foot.

Long hair tied back - It's no fun to get your hair tangled around a bar or stuck in a trampoline spring.

No Skirts Please! - Students will be performing activities that may involve going upside down. Students don't like having their underwear on show.

No Jeans - Jeans restrict your movement and are uncomfortable to wear with some of the activities we will be doing.

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Gary Black

Advanced Silver Mens Gymnastics Coach, Intermediate Womens Gymnastics Coach, Intermediate Kindergym Coach.

Gary began running gymnastics programs in schools in 2003. Initially as a casual staff member with another company, whilst studing teaching at Deakin University; and quickly becoming one of their managers. Gary went on to own what was the sole Victorian franchise of that company.

Whilst with that company, under Gary's leadership, Victorian customers enjoyed quality, reliability, flexibility, and understanding.

In mid 2014, to be able to better service the changing needs of schools, Gary decided to move away from a restrictive franchised business, and started Gymnastics 4 Hire, determined to keep the high standards that customers had come to enjoy, and to provide a service specifically tailored to the customers needs.