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Gymnastics 4 Hire was created with the goal of creating the best gymnastics experience for your school.

We don't just regurgitate lesson plans! Our staff are experienced gymnastics coaches, and collectively have over 50 years of experience running gymnastics programs in schools.

Not all schools are equal, we want to empower your school to create the solution that is right for you. We don't just run programs, you can also hire the equipment to run your own program.

We like to share, so all of our lesson plans are online with full video demonstrations. We even write DIY / how-to articles in our blog just to help you!

And the icing on the cake? We don't employ dedicated sales people. All our staff actively teach in-schools, including the company directors. What better way to stay in touch with whats going on in the real world and continue to innovate?


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Gymnastics Programs

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  • Our gymnastics programs are designed and based on the outcomes in the curriculum (AusVELS / PDHPE / Australian Curriculum).
  • The length of the program is completely up to you, Our full gymnastics program is 8 weeks, however we can extend the program, or shorten it to the length you want.
  • Classes are structured to keep children moving. No sitting around waiting for your next turn.
  • We bring all our equipment to every session.
  • Our staff are experienced gymnastics coaches, not just people trained to regurgitate a set lesson plan. We can think outside the box to provide on the spot challenges to extend your students.
  • and YES!, We are registered for Sporting Schools!
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Equipment Hire

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  • Why waste money buying equipment that will sit in your storeroom most of the year?
  • Gymnastics equipment takes up a lot of your valuable storage space.
  • Hire the equipment from us for the weeks that you need it, for a fraction of the cost.
  • We can come and help you run your program if you wish, or you can do it yourself.
  • All our lesson plans are online, with full video demonstrations.

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Professional Development

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  • Looking for some new ideas to incorporate into your program?
  • Want to run your own gymnastics program?
  • Want some help running parts or all of your program?
  • Looking for a PD workshop run by people with actual in-school experience?
  • Perhaps your just after some teaching tips? Click here to Checkout our blog!

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