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Gymnastics Programs

Gymnastics program raw picture
Spensley Street Primary School (Term 1, 2015)
Picture taken during an actual class.

Equipment we bring every session

  • 2x Floor Strips
  • 2x Red Vault pieces
  • 1x Green Vault piece
  • 1x Yellow Vault piece
  • 2x Blue Vault pieces
  • 2x Mini Trampolines
  • 7x Scattermats
  • 2x Wedges
  • 1x Parallel Bars
  • 1x Horizontal Bar
  • 1x Balance Beam
  • 1x Supersoft mat (Crashmat)
  • 1x Springboard

In Brief...

Over 14 years of experience running gymnastics programs in primary schools.

Our gymnastics programs are designed and based on the outcomes in the AusVELS curriculum.

Registered and endorsed to provide sporting schools programs in Victoria.

The length of the program is completely up to you, Our full gymnastics program is 8 weeks, however we can extend the program, or shorten it to the length you want.

Programs can be run either in a day/week format (e.g. every Thursday for 8 weeks), or in an instensive format (Mon - Fri for 2 weeks).

Our packages are designed to cater for any schools budget. You can have just a single experienced instructor, two experienced instructors to fast-track your childrens success, or we can work with you to show you how to do it yourself!


Our staff are experienced gymnastics coaches, not just people trained to deliver a set lesson plan. We can think outside the box to provide on the spot challenges to extend your students, and break skills down further for those who need a little more help.

Our lessons are designed to be safe, challenging, engaging, and most importantly ACTIVE!

Call us now, and find out for yourself why we a currently Australia's fastest growing provider of in-school gymnastics programs.

Please call for further information - 03 8658 4240, or send us a message

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