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We run professional development workshops annually, around the end of Term 1 / start of Term 2.

Our last workshop, '8 lessons in one day', covered 8 lessons of gymnastics for Foundation (Prep) through to Grade 6. In addition to the basic lessons, we also covered the teaching of basic landings, and numerous other skills such as forward rolls, cartwheels, etc..

Workshops are recorded and made available online for participants to refer back to later (Last workshop click here).

In addition to the knowledge and skills attained during the workshop, participants also take away a full set of lesson plans and laminated colour prompt cards.

Workshops are normally run during the school holidays, and we try to hire a hall at a school that is central to the majority of the participants.

Next workshop is on Monday 10th April, click here for more information.

Some feedback from our last workshop...

The venue was great. There was plenty parking available.The station set up, with the equipment was teacher friendly.The fact that the demonstrations were videoed gives one confidence to implement, knowing that you have the video to refer back to, should you have any doubts. I'm feeling so confident about implementing the program that I've gone into school a day earlier to set up the stations for day 1 of term 2.The video,resource pack, inclusive of lessons makes this the best value PD I have attended.

Reagon Haines, St Joachim's Primary School CARRUM DOWNS

A fantastic program - Gary has a constructed a well rounded, enjoyable gymnastics program that children will love to participate in. The variety and progression of the activities will help students develop their skills and strength no matter what their previous experiences have been. Thanks for showing us Gary!

Michael Runchey, Derinya Primary School

The PD was an excellent introduction to teaching gymnastics for those who have no previous experience. I now feel confident enough to try teaching gymnastics and also have the resources to refer back to.

Shae Warren, Glen Waverley Primary School

If you are interested in attending our next workshop, fill in your details here and we will keep you posted on whats coming up...

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For 13 years we have been teaching gymnastics programs in schools, and we want to show you how you can do it yourself!

Do you already run your own gymnastics program, or are you looking for some new ideas?

Are you taking over from a previous P.E. teacher and don't know where to start?

We're here to help you!

Just give us a call, or send us an email. We are happy to come to your school and work with you for the day to design and setup your own gymnastics program that your students will love, using the equipment that you already have.

Gymnastics Coach Hire

All our staff are registered with Gymnastics Australia, and must hold a minimum of an Intermediate coaching certification.

Are you hiring equipment from us, and want some help running your gymnastics program?

We also can send experienced staff to give you a hand. It dosen't have to be every day either, you may only want help 1 day a week and then do it yourself the other days. We're happy to work in with what suits you best. We're happy to help out for as much of the program as you need.

Gymnastics is not as scary as people would lead you to believe. It is fundamentally about controlling your own body. We aim to work with you to show you how to break down some of the basic gymnastics skills (like cartwheels, swings, rolls, etc...) into simple progressions using fun activities that your students will love.

All for about the same cost of a CRT per day.

online resources

You may also want to ckeck out some of our Online Resources. Create a free login for yourself if you don't already have one, so you can have a look at some examples.

We add more and more on almost a daily basis, with lesson plans, work programs, video demonstrations, and much more, you're bound to find something that'll help you out. And if it's not there, just can send us a request message. We may be able get what your after up there for you.