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Sporting Schools Gymnastics Program


In 2015 the Australian Sports Commission introduced the 'Sporting Schools' program to replace the old 'Active After Schools' program, with each sport been governed by its respective governing body. Gymnastics is governed by Gymnastics Australia, whom have dubbed their programs 'Launchpad ', with offerings in Gymnastics, Aerobics, and FreeG across both Primary and Secondary Schools.

Schools can apply for funding for any number of students, but the funding is bracketed, and capped at about 150 students. You can apply for more than 150, but you get no additional funding.

The program is designed so that each student gets 4 sessions of Gymnastics – typically across 4 days.

Our Program

We were one of the first providers to be registered with the Sporting Schools program, with our existing curriculum based program been a natural fit, why wouldn’t we allow schools to take advantage of the funding on offer? But be aware – Gymnastics Australia envisions the Sporting Schools program to be delivered with whatever equipment the school has available, and a lot of in-school providers and clubs do just that. We BRING ALL THE EQUIPMENT WITH US for no extra charge!!!

Students benefit for the years of experience we have delivering programs in schools, with all the traditional gymnastics equipment – specially modified to be safe for beginners and portable too!

Schools are also able to use the sporting schools funding to hire our equipment and run their own programs (teacher delivered program). All our lesson plans and resources are online with video demonstrations.

Our company is 100% focused on Gymnastics. Gymnastics is all we do, all day, every day. All our staff have a minimum of Intermediate level coaching qualifications, with many been Advanced level, and some are even qualified Presenters and Assessors that deliver coaching courses for the state organisation. We even ran a workshop at the ACHPER conference in 2017.

We run both Launchpad Gymnastics, and Launchpad FreeG programs, but not Launchpad Aerobics.

Find out more about our School Gymnastics Program here.

Sporting Schools Upcoming Key Dates

Dates are correct at the time of publication (8-Feb-2018), but may change at the discretion of Sporting Schools at any time.

  • 14-Feb-2018 - Term 4, 2017 acquittals close
  • 5-Mar-2018 - Term 2, 2018 funding opens
  • 12-Mar-2018 - Term 1, 2018 acquittals open
  • 16-Mar-2018 - Term 1, 2018 booking system closes
  • 23-Mar-2018 - Term 2, 2018 funding closes FUNDING CLOSED EARLY ON 19-MAR
  • 12-Jun-2018 - Term 3, 2018 funding opens


Traditional Gymnastics

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Our fun curriculum based traditional gymnastics program, teaching the fundamentals of the sport

Ideally suited for Foundation to Year 6.


Parkour / Ninja Warrior Gymnastics

school gymnastics program class picture

Still based on the curriculum, this program builds on the fundamental skills taught in our BaseG program with a Parkour twist.

Ideally suited for Years 3 - 8.

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