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Professional Development Registration - 2017

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How do I teach Gymnastics?

(DRAFT Title)

  • closed 23-March-2017, 9am to 3.00pm (Second last Thursday of Term 1)
         Bayswater Primary School - Birch Street, Bayswater VIC 3153
  • open Monday 10-April-2017, 9am to 3.00pm (Second Monday of school holidays)
         Bayswater Primary School - Birch Street, Bayswater VIC 3153 (TO BE CONFIRMED, alternate venue within 3km)

Workshop is capped at a maximum of 20 participants.

Venue: Bayswater Primary School - Birch Street, Bayswater VIC 3153.
Too far to travel? Happy to come to your area and run a PD workshop - minimum of 10 attendees.


Do you run your own gymnastics program in your school, or want to start one? Get some fresh ideas, and find out how to teach some specific skills.


The day will be broken into sessions:

  1. Have fun Participating in 4 weeks of gymnastics lessons aimed at Prep (Foundation) to Grade 6 (as we run them).
  2. Managing students with special needs / inclusive Gymnastics
  3. What equipment do you have at your school, and what Gymnastics skills can you teach with it?

The day is open to currently registered teachers, and are run by gymnastics coaches with over 15 years of experience running school gymnastics programs.

All participants will be provided with:
  • A paper copy of lesson plans for 8 lessons of gymnastics from P-6
  • Laminated prompt cards
  • Online access to our lesson plans with video demonstrations
  • Online access to our other reference material (portfolio tasks, assessment guides, etc...)
  • The opportunity to work with people with over 15 years of experience coaching gymnastics in schools.

Catering: Tea and Coffee only.

  • Early-bird rate: $ 150 + GST per person, invoiced to your school.
  • Entries after Fri 17-March-2017: $ 170 + GST per person.
Registration closes: When maximum numbers are reached, subsequent dates may be added based on demand.

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What equipment do you have available at your school? We will try and have something similar on the day...

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