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Counter Balances

May 2015

First Published: Wednesday 13-May-2015 5:57 PM, Edited: Tuesday 26-Jan-2016 4:36 PM
Author: Gary Black

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basic counter balance

Counter balances are a great way to develop both partner and team work.

A counter balance is a balance where both you and your partner are doing an equal amount of work to hold each other up. If either of you let go, then you both go splat.


Grades 1 and 2

Basic copying the pictures is suitable.

Example Picture
basic counter balance
Students on task
basic counter balance

Grades 3 and 4

Ask the students to extend the pictures into groups of 3 or 4 (instead of partners).

Note:- For it to still be a counter balance, all studetns must do equal work. That means that the picture becomes circular, not a line.

Correct Extension
Even Work
basic counter balance
Incorrect Extension
Uneven Work
basic counter balance


Grades 5 and 6

Ask the students to join different shapes together in the same balance
basic counter balance
or to attempt do one balance inside another balance.
basic counter balance


The Worksheet

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Gary Black

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Gary began running gymnastics programs in schools in 2003. Initially as a casual staff member with another company, whilst studing teaching at Deakin University; and quickly becoming one of their managers. Gary went on to own what was the sole Victorian franchise of that company.

Whilst with that company, under Gary's leadership, Victorian customers enjoyed quality, reliability, flexibility, and understanding.

In mid 2014, to be able to better service the changing needs of schools, Gary decided to move away from a restrictive franchised business, and started Gymnastics 4 Hire, determined to keep the high standards that customers had come to enjoy, and to provide a service specifically tailored to the customers needs.