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Workshop Summary 4-Apr-2016

Apr 2016

First Published: Wednesday 06-Apr-2016 12:15 PM, Edited: Thursday 21-Jul-2016 9:02 PM
Author: Gary Black

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workshop capture

Following is a summary of the professional development workshop we ran of 4-April-2016 at Knox Central Primary School.

To all those who came, thankyou for giving up a day of your school holidays, and we hope you got some useful ideas and resources.

A big thankyou to Dean Sciacca from Parkhill Primary School for doing most of the video camera work throughout the day.

Session Video's

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Gary Black

Advanced Silver Mens Gymnastics Coach, Intermediate Womens Gymnastics Coach, Intermediate Kindergym Coach.

Gary began running gymnastics programs in schools in 2003. Initially as a casual staff member with another company, whilst studing teaching at Deakin University; and quickly becoming one of their managers. Gary went on to own what was the sole Victorian franchise of that company.

Whilst with that company, under Gary's leadership, Victorian customers enjoyed quality, reliability, flexibility, and understanding.

In mid 2014, to be able to better service the changing needs of schools, Gary decided to move away from a restrictive franchised business, and started Gymnastics 4 Hire, determined to keep the high standards that customers had come to enjoy, and to provide a service specifically tailored to the customers needs.