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Teaching Cartwheels Part 2

Jan 2015

First Published: Wednesday 07-Jan-2015 11:34 AM, Edited: Tuesday 27-Jan-2015 8:12 AM
Author: Gary Black

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Before moving on...

Figure 1 & 2
By now we should have a student that understands the concept of rotating sideways, they can push down on the box, get their feet over and finish in a sideways star shape, using a 'Step, Step, Star' pattern.

Their cartwheels will probably be a bit off centre and kick sideways, instead backwards, they will look lopsided (like Figure 1); they won't be vertical cartwheels yet (like Figure 2).

Turn the box around...

So far we've had the box sideways on the floor.

Now we're going to turn the box 90° so that it is long ways on the floor (Figure 3).

The following is for if your hands point to the left when you cartwheel. If you're hands point right, then just swap the word 'left' for 'right'.

  1. Starting Position - Face the box, Put your left foot on top of the box, whilst the right foot remains on the ground.
  2. Lean and reach forward, allowing your right foot (or back foot) to come up off the ground.
  3. As your right foot comes up, your hands turn to point to the left.
  4. Left hand on the box (1), feet are now in the air.
  5. Right hand on the box (2), feet are still in the air.
  6. As your weight shifts across, the left hand will start to come up.
  7. Right foot lands pointing sideways (3), left hand is up.
  8. Left foot lands (4), right hand is up.

Initially you will kick with a bit of a sideways action. But as you get better at this drill you will be able to kick backwards more and more, thus making your cartwheels more vertical.

Once you have the hang of it, you can try to extend the drill by drawing a line along the ground, and trying to land on the line.

Still lopsided? Try starting by balancing on the box on your left foot, right foot and leg extended out behind you (parallel to the ground), and arms extended out in front of you (parallel to the ground). As your hands go down, your foot goes up (like a see-saw).

Watch the video demonstration...

The text for this one is a bit complicated. The video makes much more sense.

Stay tuned for Part 3 - Cartwheeling on the ground.

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Date: Wednesday 07-Jan-2015 10:38 PM
Author: Wally Salinger - The Alpha Potential, ANNANDALE, NSW

Did you know there is a direct correlation between how children / adults learn and their ability to learn a cartwheel? The underlying reason is that a cartwheel involves rotating around 2 axis simultaneously, reinforcing lateral (side to side) and sagittal (forward - backward) neural connections. And you thought it was just a crazy thing we did as kids? Your brain want to keep learning, it is time you allowed it!
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