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Boxes on a Basketball Court

This is a whole group activity

kids on beam

Here is a simple whole group activity you can do with young children - the idea here is to minimize wait time when you have limited equipment.

We are going to use the setup to practice our landings, but you could just as easily use the setup for cartwheels, or any other skill.

In the middle of the basketball courst setup 6 boxes, end to end along the center line.

Students line up in six lines, with each line behind a box.

When you say go, the leader runs up, jumps, and lands on the box. They freeze.

When you say go again, they jump off, and freeze.

When you say go for the third time - they run to the end of the court, around the outside of the court, then back to the end of their line.


See our earlier article on teaching landings.


Example activities to get you started...

  • Jump On, Jump Off
  • Jump on, running landing off
  • Jump On, Star Jump off
  • Jump On, Tuck Jump Off
  • Star jump on, tuck jump off
  • Choose your own jump on, jump off
Author: Gary Black, 27-Jan-2015